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  • We’re buying a house!


    This past Wednesday, our offer to purchase a home was accepted! Exciting, I know. It’s a 4-bed, 2.5-bath, 2-story house in a nice neighborhood close to Oshkosh, WI. Complete with a wood fireplace, a wood shop in the basement, and a whole lot of gardens throughout the yard, we’ll never have to move again! Check out the pictures and then let us know if you want to be invited to a housewarming party should we ever get all our stuff in and situated.

  • The New


    Welcome to our new website. Since our wedding day is now past, we’ve moved that site to and created this new one. Here we’ve posted most of the professional images here, but will be adding more as we get them from those who came. If that’s you, please feel free to email them to us at when you get a chance. We’d love to see them!

    In the future, we’ll keep you informed of the things we’re doing such as the wood working/refinishing projects we do; the interesting culinary experiments we complete; and maybe even some challenges we come across while trying to buy a house.

    Feel free to comment on anything, just know that in an effort to keep down spam we’re requiring that you have an “approved” comment before your comments will show up right away. But don’t worry, we’ll keep on top of approvals!